Escape Challenge (OR) 13th Victim

Difficulty rating:

Escape Challenge: You work for an elite secret service organization. You were on a mission but got kidnapped. You have been thrown into a room and have 60 minutes to escape and save your life.

The 13th Victim: You have been kidnapped by a serial killer. You have been given a chance to escape within 60 minutes. Failure to do so will result in  death.

Can you save your lives and escape before time runs out!!!!! 

At the time of checkout, please mention Escape Challenge or 13th Victim in the description area so that we can have the required game ready for you.

All Prices include VAT

Timings: 10:30am , 12:00pm , 01:30pm , 03:00pm , 04:30pm , 06:00pm , 07:30pm , 09:00pm , (plus 10:30pm on weekends/Public Holidays)

Number of Players Price (Weekdays) Price (Weekends/ Public Holidays)
  UAE (Dirhams) US (Dollars) UAE (Dirhams) US (Dollars)
2 260.00 71.00 260.00 71.00
3 390.00 106.00 390.00 106.00
4 520.00 142.00 520.00 142.00
5 650.00 177.00 650.00 177.00

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