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Challenge Chambers is a Dubai grown brand that has that local yet international feel and charm to it. Our team members are highly creative, fun-loving and passionate about their work. At Challenge Chambers, we are always looking for creative, honest, approachable, hardworking and friendly members to add to our little family. Individuality and creativity are always welcomed and valued; but be warned: Common sense and a good sense of humor are a must!

Currently we are hiring for the following post:

Challenge Masters:

People who will know the entire game like the back of their hand and all the well kept secrets of the Chamber they are assigned to. The Chamber will be their domain, for which they are entirely responsible. From briefing the players for that Chamber, to steering the players within that Chamber’s game play and setting up the Chamber for a new game; the Challenge Master will be in charge. People who are fluent in English, Arabic or both should apply.

Interested people can send their CVs across or for more queries about the above mentioned posts, please email us on