November 11, 2013 00:00

Based on an internationally successful concept, Challenge Chambers is the home of a mentally and physically challenging role-playing experience. It promises to provide a new portal of entertainment, tailored to suit a wide variety of people.

Our team members, who have lived in Dubai for over a decade, felt that there is need for a niche entertainment in the region. While there are countless activities for much younger people or children, strenuous sports for outdoor enthusiasts and the health conscious, clubs for the party animals and golf courses for the more sedate, we sorely felt the absence of some mentally stimulating entertainment for adults and young adults.

The idea of Escape Games started in Japan as a smart phone/tablet app but then transformed into a real-life, real-time gaming experience. So far there are 10,000,000+ plus app downloads and 1,000,000+ people have experienced this real-time phenomenon in countries such as Japan, USA and UK etc.

Challenge Chambers offers this one-of-a-kind experience that Dubai and the Middle East have yet to experience.