Got any questions on your mind about Challenge Chambers? Well, we have answered most of them below. Just in case that we have missed out on any then please feel free to ask us on: info@challengechambers.com and we will gladly answer them.

All About Challenge Chambers

What is "Challenge Chambers" all about?

Challenge Chambers is a “Real Life Escape Game” where players end up being locked in a small room under mysterious circumstances. The objective is to solve the mystery by finding hidden objects, answering riddles and solving puzzles by connecting the missing links. Players will have to use their intellect, intuition and their sixth sense (sometimes smiley) to make a successful escape and thus win the challenge.  Unfortunately players do not have all the time in the world to do that!

Each room has a unique storyline and a certain time restriction to complete. As a player, you’ll be living and breathing the story. Can you figure out your ending before time runs out? Your Challenge Master will be present at all times – who may help you if you are nice to them.

Is this a new concept?

The concept of a real-time LIVE game is fairly new to the world. Initially, the escape game was in the form of apps on tablets and smart phones. The LIVE game experience started from Japan and has now spread throughout Asia, Europe and the US. This concept has been well-received all over the world and has been ranked amongst the top 5 things to do in cities like London and Bangkok. Challenge Chambers is unique as our game design, storylines, codes & puzzles are products of our own imagination and creativity. We are proudly the only ones to open in the UAE.

Are your storylines always the same?

 No, after a certain period of time we will introduce new games with exciting storylines. We plan to cover every genre possible: action, horror, crime, etc. As a matter of fact we are open to suggestions from our players. All characters/stories are fictional and a creation of our imagination, any similarities to real people or situations is completely coincidental.

Who can play? (Also see 'How to play?')

Anyone who is above the age of 10 and has a flare and taste for fun, puzzle solving, mystery and adventure.  Our game is designed to appeal to all age groups, genders and cultures. People around the world are really enjoying this concept and can’t get enough of it!

How much does it cost?

Prices range from AED 75 (USD 20) to AED 125 (USD 34) per person depending on the room selected, number of people playing and whether it’s a weekday or weekend/public holiday.

How do I book and pay?

At the moment, you can book over the phone and online. You can go to the booking section, select the room, number of players and time slot.

Cash payments will have to be made upon arrival and before starting the game. In the near future we will accept Credit Cards and also introduce online payment system including PayPal.

What are your operating hours?

We are open Sunday to Wednesday from 10am to 10pm (first game starts at 10:30 am and the last at 9pm). On Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Public Holidays, we are open from 10am to 12pm (first game starts at 10:30am and last at 10:30pm).

Do you have a prayer room facility as well as a washroom facility?

Since we are located inside a mall, all mall facilities are available to our customers (prayer rooms, toilets, baby rooms, etc.).

Can we bring outside food and beverages?

Food and beverages are strictly prohibited.

Do you have a smoking policy?

Challenge Chambers is a non-smoking establishment. Customers may smoke in areas designated by the mall. 

Where Is Challenge Chambers Located?

Where exactly are you located?

We are located in Shop E341, 3rd Floor, Al Wahda Mall New Extension, Hazza Bin Zayed Street, Al Wahda, Abudhabi.

How can I get to your location?

You can reach us by Taxi, Dubai Bus or Car. 

Do you have any other locations within the UAE or GCC?

Our headoffice and first branch is in Dubai. We have one Franchised shop in AbuDhabi and one in Bahrain. We are looking to franchise and open up in other locations within the UAE as well as the GCC. We have a greater vision to expand the game play itself as well.

Why play Challenge chambers?

Why should I play Challenge Chambers?

Challenge Chambers has been designed to get your adrenaline pumping. Given that it’s a time bound game and that you are living, breathing and literally in the game; your emotions and senses will become alive. It will be an amazing 60 minutes you will spend with your partner, family, friends and/or colleagues. Along the way, you will learn a lot about yourself as well as your team mates. The experience will not only be fun, but exhilarating, challenging, mind-boggling and much more.

I am not into games, so is this for me?

We definitely think it is.  Why not come and find out yourself.

How do I play Challenge Chambers?

How do I play?

Let’s just say that due to the nature of the game, we can’t give away a lot except that this will be a memorable experience that will make you keep coming back for more. The basic idea of the game is to escape from the room you have been locked in. Do come in at least 20 minutes before your booking,  that will give you and your friends enough time to be briefed. Please bear in mind that CHALLENGE CHAMBERS is a LIVE game and punctuality is a must.

How long does the challenge last?

30 to 60 minutes depending on the game chosen.

How big are the rooms?

Our rooms are not very big but just the right size for the game to be enjoyed.

Can I play solo?

You can play the small room as solo.

For bigger rooms we don’t recommend it as the game play is designed for 2-4 players, but if you feel you are up for the challenge then you are welcome by paying the minimum price of 2 people.

Am I looking at being physically fit for the Challenge?

The saying ‘Brain is better than Brawn’ applies to us. You will require more mental strength than physical. So we ask: Are you smart enough?

What are the age limits to play?

From age 10 to 99 but if you are above 100 then you play for Free smiley.

Ages 10-15 are required to be accompanied by an Adult. 

Can handicapped and/or wheel-chaired players play the challenges?

We gave careful thought to our games to ensure that that everyone can enjoy them. We are easily accessible by elevator, so anyone in a wheel-chair or on crutches can get to us without any problem. The challenge does require a bit of movement so at least one member in the group has to be able-bodied. Please do inform management at the time of booking about any such conditions.

Do I need to be fluent in English?

At the moment, English and Arabic are the only languages these challenges are being offered. 

How difficult are we talking about?

Our challenges are not too easy yet not impossible to solve. Each room comes with a different difficulty rating. Our Challenge Master will be present in the room and may provide valuable help if you are nice to them.

What happens if I can't finish and escape?

You will be trapped forever!! Buhahahaha!! Just kidding wink If the next time slot is empty then you may get a little extra time to solve the mystery and escape, else you will be let out and you can book another time to solve the mystery and find out the truth.

What if I didn't enjoy myself?

Challenge Chambers guarantees great customer satisfaction. Our game play is unique and will keep each and every player captivated till the very end. In the event that you are not satisfied, please suggest what type of genre would you be interested in playing. We will take you up on the challenge of creating your type of experience.

Any special gear or clothing required?

We do recommend that players come in comfortable clothing and sandals/shoes that are easy to remove. Slippers will be provided to every player before entering the room, but don’t forget to bring your brain and common sense with you wink You will be provided storage space for your personal possessions such as cameras, cell phones, etc.

Will I be returning any time soon to play again?

Definitely! We have 2 identical 60 minute rooms with a Mystery storyline, another 60 minute room with a Spy theme and lastly, a 30 minute room with a local influenced theme. So technically, you can visit us 3 times or more (if you wish). But new storylines will be introduced from time to time, so keep checking "Our Club" to stay updated on what’s happening and when it’s happening.

When can I play Challenge Chambers?

What are your operating hours?

We are open from Sunday to Wednesday from 10am to 9pm (First game starts at 10:30am and the last at 9pm). On Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Public Holidays We are open from 10am to 12pm (First game starts at 10:30am and the last at 10:30pm). You can book with us 90 days in advance.

What if I am running late?

Countdown starts at the booked time, so you will lose precious game time. To avoid this, we strongly advise players come 20 minutes before their booked time.

Are bookings done in advance or can I simply walk-in?

We have an amazing online booking system plus we also accept booking over phone. We are currently booking 90 days in advance. We strongly recommend players to book before coming in to play. If you decide to come in as a walk-in, we will gladly accommodate you if there is a slot available. 

Who is Challenge Chambers?

Who is Challenge Chambers?

Based on an internationally successful concept, Challenge Chambers is the home of a mentally and physically challenging role-playing experience. It promises to provide a new portal of entertainment tailored to suit a wide variety of people. 

Our team members, who have lived in Dubai for over a decade, felt that there is need for a niche entertainment in the region. While there are countless activities for much younger people or children, strenuous sports for outdoor enthusiasts and the health conscious, clubs for the party animals and golf courses for the more sedate, we sorely felt the absence of some mentally stimulating entertainment for adults and young adults. 

We found this idea which started out as a smart phone/tablet app but then transformed into a real-life, real-time gaming experience. So far there are 10,000,000+ plus app downloads and 1,000,000+ people have experienced this real-time phenomenon in countries such as Japan, USA and UK. Challenge Chambers offers this one-of-a-kind experience that Dubai and the Middle East have yet to experience.

How are you different from other such games (live or online)?

We differ from online games because we offer the real-time, real-life experience to all our players. Each player is living and breathing the game play. We differ from other such LIVE games worldwide because our storylines, game plays and puzzles & codes are unique and are products of our own imagination and creativity.

How much time and thought has gone into your game designs?

A lot of time has gone into the creation and development of our games, puzzles and codes. Each game has been created with the help of a psychologist and have been thoroughly tested by various test groups to see where changes need to be made and/or where further improvements are required. Our room interiors have been done by a professional interior designer to give our players the authentic look and feel of the scenario they have been thrown into. We have done our best to give attention to every little detail possible.

Can I give you my feedback (positive or negative)?

Feedback (whether positive or negative) is the key to maintaining standards and improving them. Feel free to talk to us or write to us at info@challengechambers.com. We are open to all suggestions and criticism. We can only improve if you tell us.

Team Building and Events at Challenge Chambers

Can teams play against each other?

We understand that there is no fun without competition. Our Mystery Challenge has two identical rooms with the same storyline, game play, décor, puzzles, codes, etc. so that two teams can go head-to-head against the clock. This is a great activity for corporations that are looking for team building events/activities, to see how well members from different departments work together under pressure of time.

Challenge Chambers for Companies?

This is a great activity for corporations that are looking for team building events/activities, to see how well members from different departments work together under pressure of time. We understand that there is no fun without competition. So we have designed identical rooms with the same storyline, game play, décor, puzzles, codes, etc. so that teams can also go head-to-head against the clock. Companies can book the entire day with us to hold team building events. Upon request, we can also provide a recording of how your employees performed. 

How many players can you accommodate at a given time slot?

In any given hour, we can have a total of 12 players for 3 big rooms and 2 players for the small room.

What kind of corporate events do you do?

In future we will be creating and designing games that are tailor made for the company with their specific requirements. These events will be held at the company’s desired location and/or at their own office.

New Branches and Franchising of Challenge Chambers

Are there any other branches of Challenge Chambers?

Currently, we have one branch of Challenge Chambers at Sunset Mall Dubai, one in AbuDhabi at AlWahda Mall and one in Bahrain. We are going to expand and will inform our customers when we do so. Our expansion will not only be branch-wise but also expansion of game play and design. Right now, our store is roughly 850 square foot in size; our vision is much grander and more massive. We intend to expand to a 10,000 square foot destination platform, where our challenges and chambers will be physical and mental at equal proportions. 

Is franchising an option for Challenge Chambers?

We do wish to franchise throughout the GCC and are actively marketing for it. If you wish to franchise our brand, please email us on franchise@challengechambers.com for further details.